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And you will wonder … with as many personal trainers as there are today offering their services, why would you choose me precisely?

I will try to explain “ my story ” briefly, so you can meet me and make an informed decision.

Sport has always formed a large part of my training disciplining me in all aspects of my life. Years after years practicing all kinds of sports at competitive level (basketball, swimming, athletics, soccer, …), there came a time when I felt frustrated, for much sport I practiced I could not see results at the physical level.

I started to start in the world of fitness , which helped me, not only to look better physically but also to increase my self-esteem .

Like you, I also had a beginning where I felt lost I didn’t know what to eat, how to train or what steps to follow to reach my goal.

Little by little, I trained in this area and that’s when I discovered my passion . So I decided to make it my profession which I share every day so that more people like me can reach their purpose.

From this place I want to help you reach your goals s, as I achieved them, knowing what to eat , how to train and what steps you need to continue, especially so that you feel good about yourself , feel the same enthusiasm that I feel every day and can enjoy this process .

You will have all my experience , support and motivation to reach your best version .





Preparation time: 45-50 min aprox Ingredients 180g of egg whites 140g oat flakes 4 carrots 2 tablespoons of yeast 2 eggs Whipped fresh cheese fat free Walnuts 30ml of almond milk Preparation Separate the whites from the yolks and beat them until stiff.We take the oat...

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Today we commemorate the struggle of women for their participation, on an equal footing with men, in society and in their full development as a person. We take advantage of this day, March 8, International Women's Day, I have thought about the role of women in...

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Welcome to the new BALANCE4LIFE

Welcome to the new BALANCE4LIFE

"The balance of life is closer than ever" What do I bring you for it? With all the illusion, I have created a new EXCLUSIVE online platform for you. A platform where you will find all my knowledge about the world of fitness, nutrition and training so that you receive...

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A question that not only arises to you, but to most of the people who start in the world of training. To get a little out of this great doubt I will explain something .. The natural thing when we start training, is to start with the machines, very logical, why? The...

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What they say about me

Customers Balance Review

I have been working with Patricia for 6 months, I am delighted, the truth is that I have seen more change than expected and have eaten more than I expected.

The eating plan is very complete and adapts it to what you like and what you don’t.

At this time I have not gone hungry on the contrary.
In training it is very pending if you understand them, both in person and online.

I recommend it 100%

María Dorado

Face-to-face and Online Plan

I’ve been training with Patricia for over a year and I’m happy. What I like most is that both the plans and the diet are very adapted to my preferences.

I also really like that she is quite demanding in training sessions and in general. She tells me the mistake I make, train harder, put more weight, etc. If you have any questions always answer me quickly, and it is pending how you go and is interested in getting things as easy as possible without affecting your goals.

I think that training with Patricia has also learned to have more discipline and cope with the bad frustration and laziness roll in the best way possible and that has led me to achieve results that I didn’t get before.


Face-to-Face Plan

I didn’t believe much in the online follow-up of these types of topics but my experience with Patricia is being magnificent.

I have changed my eating habits and I exercise in a pleasant way and very adapted to my needs.

As for food I have to say that I have not gone hungry at all and now I feel very comfortable with my way of eating.

The exercise is performed in a very guided way and keeping in mind your current state to avoid injuries.

100% recommended.

Juan Muniz

Online Plan