Today we commemorate the struggle of women for their participation, on an equal footing with men, in society and in their full development as a person. We take advantage of this day, March 8, International Women’s Day, I have thought about the role of women in relation to sports in general and fitness in particular; of the differences, of the specific services for them, of the material and equipment for women.
The number of women who practice sports, whether for health or for aesthetic purposes, has been growing in recent years.

The woman has become aware of the need for sports and physical activity in her daily life and has gradually claimed her place in all sports disciplines. We can find women’s leagues in all sports, even in those that due to their rudeness have been more linked to the male gender: weightlifting, rugby, boxing …

In the gyms there has also been an evolution during the last years: if at first there were few women who left the collective classes and dared to train in the gym, every day there are more who recognize the importance of training with weight to achieve a healthy and aesthetic body.

There is still a way to go, there are still prejudices and false myths that are primed in the female collective. From my point of view, today we should continue to open the vision to women to be aware of these strategies driven by marketing and rapid consumption that take advantage of the poor physical culture that still persists in the female collective .

Currently we find clear examples of marketing aimed at this group, such as slippers or legumes designed to raise buttocks, belts that reduce belly or fat burning supplements, as well as the formats of the targeted classes (such as GAP or zumba). Why don’t they design fat burning belts for men to get an abdomen?

If we look back, as I said earlier, although today we have made great progress, many women still think that they get very strong if they train, that the mountain bike widens “the thighs” but that the spinning stylizes, that the Pilates is enough to be fit, that the supplements are for muscle mass, … there are so many myths that remain in this female group that is difficult to eliminate completely.

If there is one certain thing is that at a muscular level, a woman’s body is equal to that of a man, the difference is the hormonal aspects that control everything, the mechanical arrangement of the joint system and especially the emotional and motivational aspects towards The practice of exercise. And it is in this aspect where the big differences are.

Reconciling work, social and family life with sport is not easy, neither for men nor for women: we must work together, learn from each other and collaborate so that together we are able to reach equality and progress for all.

There is a phrase that I really like “If you were born a tiger, do not live like a kitten” so .. Get moving and celebrate this