Cervical cancer is the third most common cancer in the world, killing nearly 200,000 women a year. January was Uterine Cancer Awareness month and at 2% a year this cancer is still a very scary and deadly disease.

We can do our part to reduce the cancer disease, how can we do it ?, avoiding tobacco consumption, exercising regularly, doing a medical check-up and maintaining an adequate diet.

Diet influences the development of uterine cancer

The University of Alabama in the United States conducted a study on the diet of women with cervical dysplasia and healthy women. The results allowed identifying a relationship between the disease and diet, drawing the following conclusions:

  • The less vitamin A, vitamin C and folic acid, the greater the risk of developing the disease.
  • At a lower consumption of vitamin C, the risk of developing it increases by 60%.
  • A lower consumption of folic acid, the risk of suffering from it is 40% higher.

The researchers postulated that the absence of folic acid could play an important role when cancer cells are forming, and that vitamin A and C deficiency could facilitate cancer development. Based on the aforementioned, I recommend some of my favorite foods to fight cancer.

Based on the aforementioned, I recommend some of my favorite foods to fight cancer.


Preliminary studies on cancer cells have shown that ginger causes cells to digest basically without harming surrounding cells. Grate some fresh ginger in your favorite soup or smoothie, but avoid sugar-laden options like ginger-ale or gingerbread cookies.

Sweet potato
Found in beta fruits and vegetables, red and orange, beta-carotene is believed to protect the body’s cells from cancer-causing chemicals. Try this delicious recipe for sweet potato and coriander and lime salad! Don’t you like sweet potatoes? Carrots and squash are also full of beta carotene.

Green Tea
Both green and black tea are full of polyphenols. According to some studies, they are antioxidants that help prevent cancer cells from dividing and multiplying, but green tea dominates over black.

These cheap superstars, high in fiber and high in protein, also act as protectors of our body’s cells. Packed with phytochemicals, beans can help slow tumor growth by protecting our healthy cells from being invaded by cancer cells. Try replacing a meat dish once or twice a week with beans to save your cells and save some money.

Wild blueberries
Most dark-skinned fruits (strawberries, grapes, etc.) have antioxidants that help block the body from free radicals, but wild blueberries, specifically, have been shown to have the greatest effect. Be sure to check the frozen food aisle the next time you go to the supermarket.

Shake to prevent uterine cancer


  • ½ strawberries and blueberries
  • Juice of an orange
  • ½ slice of pineapple
  • 2 spinach leaves
  • ½ glass of chamomile tea
  • 1 tablespoon of flaxseed


Put everything in the blender, preferably fresh ingredients. It would be advisable to consume it 2 times a day.

What is your favorite food / recipe to fight cancer?